What Is Home Owner Water Damage And Why It’s Important

Water damage is something that I never think about happening to my home and I live in Oregon (Bend) the capital of water damage in the USA. :) However, this is something that I never really thought about until it started to happen in my own home.

This is when I found out about the home owner water damage and how this was going to impact my house on a regular basis because it was going to be nearly impossible for me to take care of the water on my own. Below is a video of the work a company called Pioneer restoration did to restore the water damage in my home.

The first thing that I found out about the home owner water damage is this is the damage that is often present in your home because of you not paying attention. For example, when I filed the claim with my insurance company they told me that it was because I was not really paying attention to the pipes because this is where the leak was and this is what was causing the water damage.

So I was the one responsible for the damage to my home, but it was something that my insurance was going to cover for me which would make it easier for me to afford to pay for the damage that was done to the home.

Tips For Fixing Flooding In Basement

I was recently dealing with a flooded basement in my home in Irvine in Orange County and it wasn’t a pleasant experience. I was scared to go down there because the entire basement was ruined. The foundation of the property was up in question because of how the basement looked. All of the water had soaked into the basement and was now causing significant damage to the rest of the property. Water damage in your basement is serious stuff. I knew that a solution was required effective immediately otherwise the whole property could come down. Because my kids were at school I knew I had to call a specialist to fix my basement.

Luckily I knew the OCwaterguys always came through and provided great service especially for those that needed a quick basement flooding service. I highly recommend them for anyone in Orange County with water damage problems.

The best course of action was to make sure the leaking stopped right away. This meant I had to go and check where the water had come from and this required checking from the outside. I looked to see if there were any cracks that required filling and indeed there were a few. This was the first course of action that I took. In fact the leak highly reminded me of when a restoration company fixed a leak I had in my home in Las Vegas. It was very similar to the one in Orange County.

I decided to call a professional to have the actual water removed as they have the right tools and methods to get the job done. I didn’t want to do it myself and ruin the basement or the property in general. I didn’t want to take such a risk and luckily I didn’t as they did a wonderful job.

Choosing the Best Water Damage Company In Your Area

How to Choose the best water damage company in your area.

Deciding which water damage company to use among the many in areas like Austin can be intimidating to many. You can however make the task easier by using a hiring criteria. Having a list of must-have qualities for each company should help you eliminate unqualified companies and remain with the most appropriate one. Some of the factors you should consider when hiring a water damage company include.

1. Certification and experience: Only a certified company should be allowed to restore your home after a water damage or flooding. Certification comes after one has been trained and equipped with enough information on how to deal with the havoc. Experience is also acquired after one has handled many cases successfully.

2. Professionalism and cost: A professional water damage company understands its client’s needs, and will strive to offer a quality service. Professionalism can be displayed by how the company deals with stress calls, how fast and on point they are when restoring the house, and their eye on detail. Their service cost from quotes provided should also help you choose the right company.

Before making the hire, always consider using a trustworthy company, and one ready to work with your budget. Digging into the company is also beneficial as it will help you see their history and how well the company has served past customers. For example if you look at this water restoration business in Atlanta, you can see the many companies that they have served.

Five Helpful Tips To Get Rid Of Water Damage

Getting rid of water damage isn’t easy, especially if you don’t have the insurance to cover it. Below we’ve listed five helpful tips to help you get rid of water damage.

water damage flood

1. Get A Steam Vac

For small water damaged areas, use a steam vac to get rid of the bacteria and stains that have accumulated. As it implies, however, this is really only good for small and minimal damage, such as a hot water leak.

2. Replace Your Carpet

Sometimes your carpet will be ruined beyond repair. In this case, you should simply replace it before the damage settles into the wood beneath.

3. Immediately Throw Wood Chips Onto The Affected Area

If you have just noticed the water damage, throw wood chips onto the affected area. This will absorb the water before it can settle into your flooring and permanently damage it.

4. Restain Or Paint the floor

If there is minimal damage, you can always restain or repaint the area. Occasionally check it to make sure rot hasn’t set in.

5. Sun Exposure

If you can, expose the affected area to direct sunlight. This will dry out remaining water.

Remember, any advanced damage should be looked at by a professional. But the above tips should help with minimal or immediate small damage.

6. Bonus Tip

If you really can’t cleanup the water by yourself, you could always hire a reputable company to cleanup the water damage for you. For example, I had a house in Dallas Texas affected by water damage but called Restorexperts to take care of it for me. Another good company I recommend is  SeriousRestoration in Charlotte. They handle a lot of flood and water property damage as well.